Setting up some scenes for the first time and I'm a little confused

  1. Why does this one currently say it's not set? I set it up a few days ago and activate it at 10pm and turn it off at sunrise. It seems to be working.



  1. Where can I read about how a scene transition works?

I'm sure I'll think of more questions later.

It’s a bug. I’ve reported it, but it’s never been fixed.

There are two things happening here: (1) the apps page display isn’t dynamic, and so changes in captured devices aren’t fully (correctly) reflected until the page is refreshed in the browser; and (2) the scene state (Not Set / On) reported on the apps page is broken, has been for a long time. If you open the scene page (as you did for “Zs - Nightlights” in your screenshot), you will see the correct state. If you then go back to the apps page, the scene state will show correctly.

There is a Documentation link at the top of every forum page. Click that, then Apps, then choose Groups and Scenes.

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