Setting up multiple triggers for one rule

New to Hubitat - I'm trying to setup a rule that keeps notifying me through Pushover (to better catch my attention over regular notifications) when the garage is left open for set amount of times. (15-30-45min etc.) However with Rule Machine, since it only uses the OR variable for triggers, it won't recognize multiple times.
Is there a way around that or do I need to create a different rule for each time? Or am I missing something?

I was told on the Facebook forum
"Trigger the rule for the first alert then use waits or a loop with a delay to continue the rule and subsequent alerts. I would also put a cancel all timers at the top so if the rule is re triggered it will start over and cancel any pending actions."

He sent me here for an better explanation.

Or if you have another idea

And Notifier was mentioned which I am unfamiliar with.

Thanks in advance.

here is one of my rules in the notifier app for just such a purpose.. if you change the 59 minutes i have it to repear notification to 15 minutes in your case it will do exactly as you want.. Also change the 20 minutes to 15 minutes.


I really appreciate it. However, I was using Pushover because I wanted something that would catch my attention over all the regular notification, I receive all day.
For example, in ST I have it setup on another garage to text me after being left over for an hour.
But this may be what I need to do.
Thank you!

pushover is fine just change your notification to pushover from what i have.


a tip for pushover-if you haven't found this via searching elsewhere. I use [E] as a prefix on the alert message as that tells pushover to repeat the message and force me to acknowledge it. I use this for alerts like a water leak or my toddler leaving his room at night.


Thank you! I have set it up. Assuming I set it up correctly, I will let you know.

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I may try that. When I was testing Pushover, if I set it to Emergency I would not get a notification..

Here's an RM example

Trigger Events:
Garage contact open and stays that way for 0:30:00

Actions to Run:
Repeat 8 times every 0:15:00 (stoppable)
    Pushover notification...
    Wait for event: Garage contact closed
    Stop Repeating Actions

Where do you see or enter that format via text?

There seem to be so many directions you can come from to create a rule. Never thought about creating one from Notifications.
Basic Rules
Rule Machine
Simple Automation Rules
Now Notifications

Rule Machine must be entered through the UI. The text shown here is just a representation of the actual RM entries.

Yes, you can use the different apps to achieve the same results. Some are easier than others, while others have more options. I'm comfortable with RM and use it for the majority of my rules.


setting it via the pushover site/settings? my pushover settings are the default and then this is how i'm having the notification sent via hubitat:

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I just have to figure in the UI how to find those settings.

@user4701 Start here Rule 5.1 | Hubitat Documentation

At the very bottom of the page under List of Actions is the menu structure of where all the actions can be found.


Thanks everyone, I believe I got it working!


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