Setting up hubitat app on phone

When I opened the app it asked for a confirmation code and when I tapped it I saw this.

Make sure your password has at least 8 chars, one upper, one lower and a number.

I changed the password in the login security panel but it's still not happy and giving me the same message.

Try it on instead. Where in the registration process are you stuck?

Tried -- if I say I forget my password is says I don't exist, if I try to register it says already registers

If you click have code and enter your code from your email does it work?

Don't have a code or don't know where to get one.

Are you trying to register? You should have a code sent to you in your email. Double check your spam folder as well.

Otherwise, you can use the "Need to Resend code?" link at the bottom of the registration page on Portal.

Can you check the database and maybe reset so I can start again? I presume this is different from the community login and the authentication on the local hub though I'm trying to keep them aligned. (Also may be an early night so may continue this tomorrow).

I strongly suggest emailing support. They might not get to you until tomorrow but they helped me out with a similar problem to this.

Patrick, where is the correct page to force it to resend a code. Trying to get my wife’s app registered on her android. Her app never returns from attempting to validate her code and I think I’d like to resend a new code in case they expire. Thanks