Setting up a Repeat Actions and found a bug

Okay I was trying to add a repeat actions and ran into a bug in Rule Machine.


  1. Click Create New Action
  2. Select Repeat Actions
  3. Select Repeat While Expression
  4. Select New Condition - Switch
  5. Select a Switch testing for ON
  6. Try to add a repeat interval - initially I was able to select and set 5 minutes now when I select repeat interval the drop down box says Click To Set with no options.

Initially when I did get an option for a time I then also selected Repeat Variable N Times and selected a value and stoppable. When I did that the Variable Repeat Interval I first selected vanished and I could not get it back. Now I think it's corrupt behind the scenes as I cannot get any repeat interval to set. I'm going to scrap and recreate the rule. At least it's not a long one.

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