Setting up a 2 button switch

Hello, first time with Hubitat. Managed to setup my Z-wave light switch (single gang/button) no issues. But if I have 2 or more button switches, then only the first one is seen/controlled. How do I set up 2 or more button switches? I saw a post here titled can-only-see-one-button-in-button-controller-3-1/57749 and created a virtual button, set to 2 (or more) but once I hit Save Device, it goes back to the original single button device. Any help appreciated.

Welcome aboard @c.kanes.

It may help (most likely other people) help you if you list the make/model of the light switch and which driver you are using.



Apologies - they are Hogar Control switches. Model is not listed. I selected Generic Z-Wave Switch (or Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch) both of which work for a single button switch. Even for 2,3, and 4 button switches, the first button works fine. Getting others to be recognized is the issue I'm facing.

OK after some (a lot!) more Googling, I've figured it out. If you have a 2,3,4,6,8 gang (button) switch panels, then you need a new Driver for each of them. I'm using Hogar Control Z-wave switches, and since they aren't natively supported, I had to create a new driver. I had no idea how to do this, so I copied the one from pastebin (search rE02fmZr) and on line 225, changed 3 to the number of buttons I had. I'm now able to access each switch button individually. Hope this helps someone else new to Hubitat

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