Setting unsetting configuration value - Aeotec Siren 6

I searched the forums and was unable to find an answer.
The Aeotec Siren 6 has a strobe which can have different effects.
I am looking to via RM leverage that.
The default is just a regular strobe, most of the time, but in one instance I am looking for the light to 'Pulse Slow'. In a simple rule I can run a custom action/command, and under the Switch capability set Strobe but is it a parameter or some other method and what would the syntax be to set Pulse Slow and then when done return the config to default?

With logging I see #18:
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:16.324 debugStrobe(#22) = 257
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:15.809 debugFlash Fast(#21) = 1285
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:15.305 debugFlash Slow(#20) = 2570
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:14.777 debugPulse Fast(#19) = 842138885
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:14.273 debugPulse Slow(#18) = 2139030026
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:13.757 debugOn(#17) = 65280
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:13.251 debugOff(#16) = 255
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:12.718 debugSilence Alarm with Action Button(#96) = 0
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:11.929 debugignore: ConfigurationReport(defaultToneIdentifier:29, volume:0) (endpoint:2)
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:11.521 debugCHANGING Strobe(#22) from '257' to '257'
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:11.518 debugCHANGING Flash Fast(#21) from '1285' to '1285'
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:11.513 debugCHANGING Flash Slow(#20) from '2570' to '2570'
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:11.510 debugCHANGING Pulse Fast(#19) from '842138885' to '842138885'
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:11.506 debugCHANGING Pulse Slow(#18) from '2139030026' to '2139030026'
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:11.503 debugCHANGING On(#17) from '65280' to '65280'
dev:5132020-12-01 11:44:11.499 debugCHANGING Off(#16) from '255' to '255'

And within the device driver I see a "State Variable" of configVal18 : 2139030026.

I know I could just set the default to Pulse Slow and in the custom action just set Strobe but I want to learn how to toggle the effect.

Is there a way in RM to set the Strobe configuration to Pulse slow, let the rule Strobe and then set it back to default?

Much appreciated.