Setting time only in a Date/Time hub variable corrupts date portion

If the devices interface is used to set the time in a hub variable the date portion is overwritten to a strange date.

See screen grabs and log entries.

Is it a bug or is it me?

I'm seeing the same. To be clear, this looks like an issue with stemming from use of a DateTime hub variable connector, not the variable itself. I'm also seeing the date get set to 10007-06-07, like you, though I don't know if there might be some other unexpected value in other cases. This happens when the starting "date" is 9999-99-99 (which is what it should be set to when the date is to be ignored).

To reproduce:

  1. Start with a DateTime variable connector where the variable has a date of 9999-99-99
  2. Use the "Set Time" command to set the time to anything
    And then:
  3. Observe that the date is now set to something unexpected (as in your last screenshot)
  4. Verify that this affects the variable itself (in Settings > Hub Variables, which now shows "**bad DateTime**" for the value), so it's not just a connector issue.

Probably one for @bravenel.

This is a bug in the DateTime Connector driver. Fix coming...


Thanks to you both.