Setting temperature in thermostat incremented by 0.1

So I have a custom driver for HVAC with the Thermostat capability - so in my Dashboard when I press the Temp. up/down it in/decrement the temperature by 0.1 - can I modify it the incremental value to 1?
For example if the current temp. value is 23 , when pressing the ^ button on the dashboard the temp. value goes to 23.1 , I want it to be 24 . (cause I don't have these decimal temp. I just need to press 10 times to go to 24)
Any solution for this?

I would think that would be determined by the driver. Since you are in °C you might want to increment by 1/2 °

I see now, Thanks.

We are working on this problem, and will revert to 0.5° for °C.

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Nice .. I do remember it was 0.5 before the update, and I thought I need to debug deeper.
Thank you for the future fix :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind it seems wide spread. So below does not need an answer.. Hopefully see the fix soon.

It seems all mine have resorted to 0. 1 degree c and a change in temp on any tile does not send the temperature.. Only changing it in the device page sends the new temperature. Never did this until recently. Both for my broadlink and my sensibo integrations. Is this all being resolved as it's a common bug or do I have something unusual happening here?

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