Setting evening lights


I'm realy new at all this but have managed to get a few ligths and bits pared with HE.
I have been tinkering with Simple lightning.

It's pretty basic:
I want to start the lights at sunset and stop them at 01.00.
I tried to do 1 rule for it but the lights did not turn off, Do I need 2 rules? One for on and one for off?

And a bit more complex:
I want to be able to turn the lights off in the "night" Mode, I can't for my life figure this one out...

Any tips and tricks? I imagen this can be done i a few difrent ways...

I'm new as well. In the Hubitat simple lighting app, look under restrictions. There should be an option for Mode. Should be able to do this in one rule.

Hi, nice to see more newcomers!

I tried it but the light do not turn off when I change mode. Probably doing it wrong.

Ok, so for the first question:

If I set restriction between two times should not the light turn of at the later time? this is not working for me.

If you want to turn lights on at sunset and off at a specific time in one rule, I think you’ll need to use rule machine. Notice that in the simple lighting rule you posted a screenshot of, when you set the trigger as sunset, it gives you the option to “also turn off at sunrise.”

You could create two rules in simple lighting, one to turn on at sunset, and one to turn off at the set time. Rule machine is more complex and can be harder to setup your automation logic, so you may want to consider using two simple lighting rules for now at least.

In a third rule, you could also set the lights to turn off when night mode is activated.

The restrictions will not turn your light on/off. Setting those times or modes will only restrict when the rule itself will run.


I used Rule Machine 4 and managed to got my idea to work :slight_smile: