Setting color hue is always in 2 steps

I have a few innr color bulbs connected to hubitat so I can change color. Each time I set a new color the bulb change multiple time until reach desired color. And also multiple time dose not reach it.

check the logs for changing hue from 1 to 50 and from 50 to 30

Can I do something to not go to intermediate values?

And set it again to 30 when is 30 will go first to 3% then back to 30%

I try to set 3 bulbs to Magenta wits set color and level

For bulb to hue 83% was never send.

I tested with and then reverted to and the same problem


Are these bulbs paired directly to Hubitat, or are you using the Hue Bridge Integration? I haven't heard of this problem in either case, but I could see it being more likely in the former case (perhaps the bulbs report back their changes before they're really done changing or maybe they only accept commands in a specific format that Hubitat isn't sending to achieve the desired results). What driver are you using for the bulbs? "Generic Zigbee RGBW Light" is most likely the best for this device. Click "Configure" on the device page after saving with the new driver if you haven't already.

In related news, do you have any other non-bulb Zigbee devices on this same hub? If so, mixing smart bulbs when them is generally a bad idea. As summarized in Hubitat's Zigbee mesh tips, most bulbs are bad repeaters for non-bulbs and may case problems for those devices. Usually the bulbs still work fine and it's other devices that may have problems, so it's unlikely to be the issue here. But again, if you have other devices on this network, it might be a good idea to separate these devices regardless (using a Hue Bridge is an easy way to do this).

For what it's worth, I tested a couple of these a while back. I know I used the Hue Bridge integration (both the built-in integration and one I wrote) and also briefly tried with the bulb paired directly to the hub. I don't remember having this problem. Not helpful for you, I know, but at least some indication that they should work correctly. :slight_smile:

Yes they are connected to hubitat. I know is not a good idea to have them direct to hubitat but I can't set color from hubitat when they are connected to Hue Bridge. All dimmers are connected to Hue Bridge but the color ones not. And I have also outlets for mesh. In general everything is working ok, but I did not like when changing to a new color to see in between other colors.

This worked for me. I'm not sure if there are multiple models/generations of the Innr bulbs, but the only bulbs I have seen this fail on were the Ikea Trådfri bulbs because they implement only the xy color model instead of hs (hue/saturation) color model or both. Native Hue bulbs implement both, but Hubitat requries at least the latter. If color works on Hubitat, it should on Hue, too, so I'm not sure what's going on there. Maybe just the wrong driver? (hueBridgeBulbRGBW would be a good choice and should have been automatically assigned when added to Hubitat if Hue recognized it correctly.)

For direct pairing to Hubitat, I'm not sure what else to suggest besides hitting "Configure" and seeing if that helps. Do note that while outlets are great for creating a strong mesh, your bulbs also repeat, and you can't directly control what device another device repeats through, so it could still cause problems (if these bulbs are indeed problematic; I don't think anyone has specifically observed it with these, but it's a general trend with many).

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