Setting ceiling fan speeds with button controller app

I am am trying to create rules to use a Zen32 scene controller to step though the fan speeds on my ceiling fan. The fan is controlled though a Bond hub.

I have a similar set of rules to step down. The problem is when I press the button it steps all the way though: Low>Med>High and doesn't stopping at the next speed and waiting. I swear I had this working last night correctly but had to wipe the bond integration and started over.

It is beacause each if statement is satisfied by the previous one. So is there a way to use a else if instead of doing a endif and then another of statement.


Yes, you can use ELSE IF in RM and that is what you need to solve it.
I think you have to go through the menu > Conditionals to add ELSEIF, where END-IF shows up at the bottom to click on so some people do not realize it is hidden in there.


Works for me...

You don't have any End-IF statements ending the conditional. That may be what is happening. It also looks like the app is a different one.

They're using a "simple conditional" instead of an If-Then. Lately, every time I try to help someone with a rule build, folks have been using them and every time, I keep not seeing them -- I'm just not used to them, since I don't use them myself.

No matter how many I see, they still just don't look right to me, but old dog new tricks yadda yadda :sweat_smile:

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Have a look at the excellent Advanced Button Controller (ABC) by @stephack

Very easy to configure and so much easier to update than rules.

I use it to cycle fan speeds as well as cycle through lighting scenes.

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Well @dstutz may be, but the OP wasn't.

You really want to use the ELSE OPTION shown in this screen shot as a way to allow mulitple conditions to work

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Yep, simple conditionals. And those screenshots are of one of my rooms using same as OP, the zooz scene controller and bond fan.

It could be the ordering of the conditionals or the speed in which it is reacting. Especially if OP is using a virtual Fan as a middle man, the state would change on that immediately.

In your first rule, what it gets set to would then drop the rule out and no other conditions would pass.

In your second rule there is potential for the the state to get set then immediately trigger the next condition. The state would have to change extremely fast upon issuing the command, like on a virtual device. So while it probably usually works fine there is potential for it to chain react.

If you reversed the order of those conditions they would all drop out and have no chance of chaining with the next one.


Thanks, that fixed it.


LOL...totally right. I had just redid that one because that fan stopped working with the bond for some reason. I just tested and boom, straight to low. FWIW the other room is correct for going down:

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