Setting an IP reservation

Just a nitpicking type question

When setting an IP reservation through my Eero Router it will default to port 8080 for both an internal port and an external port. Shouldn't this be different?

Bobby told me 8080 is needed for updates and other things. I read 8081 is better for TCP/UDP traffic.

Did you do anything different or is 8080 fine for both? BTW, I'm a total noob in networking


You should not have to set a port for an IP reservation. You would only have to set a port if you are setting up port forwarding.

Thank you.
I see it now. Eero made their interface to be easy. I set the reservation then it asked me for port numbers. There is another option to open a port. But all the mention of ports is in a port forwarding section of reservations. The two sections run together.

I guess I could have said "Oh, my bad" LOL

No, that's okay. It is logical from an "ease of use" standpoint if you are setting it up using some type of "wizard" in the software for them to ask you about that. They should have just made it clearer that it was for port forwarding. And to be clear, you do NOT want to have any port forwarding to Hubitat. That's a big security vulnerability.

Security is the angle I am looking at it.
isn't port forwarding sometimes called poking a hole in your firewall and isn't 8080 the internet?
So, if I'm right my port 8080 was scannable as an open port? Eeek!

Exactly. You want to make sure you remove that, otherwise anyone could get to your hub (if you don't have security enabled).

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I use a Eero mesh for my home network as well. I forward just the OpenVPN port I have designated to a dedicated RPi for remote administrative access. All WiFi home automation devices (bulbs, RPi, HE, Hubduino, etc) have a reserved IP. Just best practices for home automation overall to ensure stability.