In Rule Machine I can't seem to find setConfigParameters. Very new to this, can someone help me see what I am doing wrong?

Thanks everyone,

First, setConfigParameters() is not a standard command, so you'd need to make sure that the device you're using actually implements this (custom) command. You can verify that on the device page if you haven't already. While you're there, take note of the order, type, and number of parameters (and what they mean); you'll need that later.

Assuming your device actually has this command, you just need to do one more step compared to your screenshot to get there: choose a capability that your device does implement from that list. This will allow you to choose that device in the next step. Which capability you choose doesn't matter, as long as it's one your device implements; it's basically just a way to filter the device list. This requires some knowledge of your device driver, but it's usually pretty easy to guess: if it has commands like on() and off(), it probably implements the Switch capability; if it has commands like setLevel(), it probably matches Dimmer (technically SwitchLevel if you start developing drivers, but RM uses a friendlier name for this), and many devices implement multiple capabilities. Actuator (for most devices that can be sent commands from the hub) and Sensor (for most devices that just report values back to the hub) are "catch-alls" that will have many devices if you really aren't sure or can't find them anywhere else--or just make a guess and come back if it looks wrong.

Then you should be able to choose your device, choose your command (the one you mentioned), and enter any required parameters--which you can find on the device page, as I mentioned above.

Good luck!


That's perfect! Thanks @bertabcd1234

I'm working with Inovelli Red switches/dimmers and I've seen other people use that for those. I'm a long way from writing drivers, but I'd like to get to that point someday.

I appreciate your help.