Set sunset and sunrise manually

Hi guys,

I'm trying to make a rule to turn on a light when a door is opened between sunset and sunrise, but I`ve checked my hub time zone and even though it is set to the right timezone, sunset and sunrise time are incorrect, is there a way to manually set it ?

Have you tried rebooting the hub?

Thanks @JBrown, but Ive tried that already, but sunset and sunrise are still the same. I was wondering if it might has something to do with daylight time saving which, for the first time we dont have here in Brazil, thanks to our awful current president.
So the system might think we are having daylight time saving now here but we don't.

I'm pretty sure the sun comes up on its own. Not positive on the setting, but that may happen on its own too. :wink:

Does it appear to be off by one hour?

If so, could you program in an offset (+ or -) to compensate for that one hour difference?

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Another possibility - you could deliberately set your time zone to one "next door" (on the location tab under Locations and Modes) to get the correct sunrise/sunset time . . . I don't know if that will mess up other things . . .

Thanks @Eric.C.Miller,

Great, this solve the problem.