Set or Change an Access Point's Token?

I have a rule that centralizes the handling of notifications to various members of the family. Works great. There are several dozen other rules that call this Notifier rule by ways of a local endpoint.
I use the endpoint because all these rules are distributed across a few different hubs. Again, it works great. Until....

Today, the central notifier rule's trigger (the local endpoint) got corrupted somehow. Must've been a few days ago because the same corruption exists in all my backups. Ugh. If I click on the trigger, I just get a blank screen and a Done button.

Thankfully, I can re-create the rule easily. The problem, of course, is that when I create a new local endpoint, the access token will be different. And the idea of going back to dozens of the calling rules to change the HTTP GET command is given me heart palpitations (ok, I exaggerate).

So here's the question: can I set or change the access token of a local endpoint trigger? How else can I avoid going back to dozens of rules to find and change the HTTP GET argument?

Appreciate any ideas...

Going forward you can look at storing the key in a variable or file and set your rules to retrieve the value from there; no way to recover the current situation without going the long route.

Yeah that's a great idea -- unfortunately, that only works going forward from here.

For anyone that follows, here's what I learned: you can't assign or change the endpoint when used as a trigger in RM. Maybe this will change in the future, but that's the fact for now. So, if you are using a single endpoint in a lot of different places, and don't want to manually change the URL all over the place, heed @thebearmay's suggestion and use a variable or file that maintains just one version that all calling apps reference.

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