Set mode automatic based on things quiet down and things start happening


Im wondering if its possible to make this happened with Hubitat.
In Smartthings I had good morning and good night routines based on things start happening or things quiet down.
Between given times and various sensors.

Sure can depends on how complex you want to make it. In mode manager you can change modes via time, buttons, switches or presence.

This is very possible. NOT in the same sense that smartthings did, but many people change modes based on certain activities or certain lights getting turned on OR off based on your activities. You can do this in mode manager, or you can also control the changes with rule machine. Whatever you're comfortable with. Give your activities a thought and what you want to accomplish and the community will be happy to help.

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Do you have an example of how you did this, maybe a link to an app, or a screenshot of something?

You should be able to duplicate it in Hubitat, if not make it better somehow.

I'm also coming from ST and really feel this is such a valuable capability and so very simple to implement there. I know, I know, in Hubitat, Rule Manager can do this, but being new, what feels like an unreasonable number of clicks into this something always goes awry. The rule for Things Quiet Down, is basically, during a set time frame 11pm-3am, if there is no motion, and certain switches are in a known position (off) then set mode to night. Honestly, I don't understand why Mode manager doesn't include Motion and time range natively. Yep, I've seen other threads debating why it's not in mode manager, but seriously... It's to change Mode, why wouldn't it be in Mode manager? For me migrating from Smartthings to Hubitat, Not having a simple - Things quiet down and Things start happening has been one of those, "Oh no, did I make a mistake" moments.