Set Dimmer Level, Leave Lights Off


New to the forum, using Hubitat for about a year now. I am trying to setup Room Lighting to do the following:

Set Dimmer level by Mode,
If lights are off, leave the lights off.
If lights are on, set brightness during mode change.
If lights are off, but switched on, set brightness based upon mode.

I can't seem to keep the lights off however when modes changes occur. All other functions work, brightness changes when on, lights will turn on at currently set brightness, but if the lights are off, they turn on during mode changes. I don't want that to happen.

Any help would be appreciated. I tried uploading images, but it won't let me,

I have fiddled with the settings but eventually just deleted and started over with the very basic settings that see to sorta work.

I have the same inquiry

If you join the owner's group you'll be able to post images and links.

In my understanding, the short answer, that is not possible with the Room Lighting App. I take advantage of the "set level" feature of my devices and had to go back to using Rule Machine to adjust them without turning them on. In Room Lighting, the set level turns them on and there is not a way to differentiate between turning them on and setting the level.

Yeah, That's the conclusion I was coming to, I used the old motion and mode app and was able to get it to work. I will work in Rule Machine to accomplish what I am trying to achieve since the Motion and Mode Lighting app has been replaced with Room Lighting.

You can do this with Room Lights easily.

For Means to Activate use one or more of the light switches involved as Switch Turns On selection. Add the Activation Option called Additional Options / Adjust lights on Mode changes (this will not turn them on if off):

Then use the Set Up Lighting Periods page to define the levels for the various modes:

Wouldn't you also need to do "Activate Only Activating Switch" so that turning one light on doesn't turn the others on? But I'm unsure how that option interacts with adjustments on Mode, and I'm not in a position to experiment this instant.

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