Septic Alarm

Last weekend our septic tank backed up, thankfully I caught it before it backed up into the house. Turns out our field tiles have failed and water is no longer leaving the tank.

I'm in the process of getting tests and permits for a new field, and while I wait for approvals I've been researching tank alarms.

I found the following : Sump Alarm "2L" WiFi Enabled In/Outdoor High Water Alarm With Sludge B that looks like a decent option, however it's WiFI and doesnt integrate with any home monitoring etc... so I can expect a loud buzzer and red light outside, and an email option (for free) or text \ voice notification options for $1 a month.

Not keen to rely on eMail, don't mind paying $12 a year for texts, but I'd like to be able to integrate with a Dome water sensor so while I can't stop the first toilet flush, I can stop a marathon shower in progress...

It doesnt integrate with Zwave, but I'm thinking I could tie to the buzzer and activate a contact sensor or something else that will work with the HE.

Anyone else have any septic monitoring solutions?

I had work done on my system a couple years ago, and ended up with an alarm panel like you describe ---without the WiFi.

With help I received in this thread: Suggestion for a device that senses voltage? Septic Tank Alert

I was able to automate an alert for my alarm.

If you search for "septic" on the forums, there are several other potentially useful threads too.