Septic Aerator Control Solution

I'm looking for some ideas to control and monitor my septic system's aerator motor. The motor is located next to my back porch so I want to be able to turn it off when I'm relaxing and don't want the noise. Also want to be able to get alerts when it stops pulling power due to a trip or bad motor as I've had that happen recently and the only alert is a light.

The motor pulls 4.6 Full Load Amps. Pictures below of the switch box.

It appears it runs in continuous mode? Not auto? If continuous, you could wire up either a smart relay or switch downstream of it.

For alarm, if the optional buzzer is not installed, you could wire a relay and contact sensor into that… but it appears that would only alarm if the internal breaker trips.

Another option if you’re in continuous mode is a smart relay with power monitoring wired upstream of the controller and as long as the relay is on, send a notification if power consumption is less than 5w.

Correct, it's kept in continuous mode.

Thank you for the suggestion! Think I'll try out a Zooz Zen 51 on this.

I haven’t tried it, but it appears the Shelly wave 1PM would give you control and power monitoring if you want to go that route.

Looks like an interesting device. Thanks for the suggestion!

Please post what you end up doing. I have a similar aerator and have been thinking about something similar. Currently, I’m looking to just monitor it. But control would be a nice bonus.

It looks like a basic 115 volt device, so why not just re wire the power to it to include a receptacle and cord/plug? Then you could use something like the the Zooz Zen15 or similar.

Will Do! Just need to order the Shelly