Separate section for RM5?

There is a forum section called Rule Machine. Should it have subsections for the different versions? Or is it more useful to be able to mention both in one post?

There have been lots of Rule Machine/Rule versions over time, and they have historically kept the ability to create new rules in the old and new versions around for the first major release after a new Rule version. That's the period we're in right now. Then, at some point, you'll only be able to create rules in the new version (that will probably come in 2.2.9). So, I think the confusion about which version you're using--at least for current posts--will dwindle after that. (Or at least posts about creating new rules are far more common than posts asking about old, existing rules.)

Whether that might be helpful when viewing old posts--and perhaps this is what you mean--I'm not sure. It would require people to both be aware of what version they're running and to categorize their post appropriately, something that already seems confusing for Rule Machine posts given the various spots they often end up in despite the existence of a Rule Machine category (but, I get it, it is indeed also a "Built-in App" or perhaps you are just "Getting Started" and think you want "Novice Help").

So, I'm not sure about your question; perhaps staff will find it a good idea. But it's not a new problem, and the effect I assume you are concerned about now is short-lived, if that helps to know. :smiley:

Yeah it's not causing me a particular problem, just crossed my mind idly :slight_smile:

I think tagging it would be a good option, as well as putting what rule version in the title. There is a tag for RM5 as you hopefully see in this title...


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