Sensors with big batteries recommendations

I'm looking for tilt sensors, motion sensors, and door sensors that have the biggest, most gigantic, most unsightly batteries in existence.

The Ecolink TILTZWAVE5.0 uses a CR123 battery. I am getting one to replace the Zooz CR2032 based unit I have now. Cold weather and CR batteries is not a good combo.
I use the Aeotec recessed door sensors (invisible if installed in the top) they use CR2 batteries.


Bosch made a zwave md that used 3 or 4 AA batteries.....claimed several years before need to replace. Mine is at least 2 years old, outside under my deck, and running strong.

Perfecto - I have the same issue as you with the tilt sensor. Cold weather eats the 2032s way too fast.

I have two of the aeotec recessed sensors also... strangely enough the CR2s don't last as long as I expected.

I'm going to grab a couple of the ecolinks though, thanks.

Lately, I have had success with Third Reality motion & door sensors. They use AAA batteries. The downside is they don't report temperature. I'm getting excellent battery life.

Could make your own, that's what I did... :wink: Mine are all LoRaWAN, so that doesn't help you much, but you could do the same with one of the zigbee (MonaLisa) or zwave (z-uno) kits - it just gets a bit expensive to go that route.

2x18650 3300 mAh rechargeable batteries - motion, temp, humidity. The battery life calculator says like 40 years at current event rates and radio strength. It obviously won't last that long, but in 3 years I haven't charged it yet and it is still within 0.05V of where it started on the battery.

I have a tilt sensor model and non-motion temp/humidity model too. Never made a door contact sensor one, as I do care how big those are since they are more visible.

I just ordered an Ecolink TILTZWAVE5.0 from Amazon and the price was significantly reduced today 1/26/24

agreed the ecolink tilt and door sensors batteries last over a year and that is outdoors

Bosch ISW-ZDL1-WP11G (zigbee, Hubitat compatible) uses 6 x AA batteries. I love them for wide coverage and pet resistance.

They are getting harder to find at a reasonable price, but old stock still pops up on auction sites from time to time.

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I knew it took a bunch of AA's, but I didn't recall 6. And mine has been in use for a minimum 3 - 4 years with the original batteries! Great product.

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You can use these to convert a sensor powered by 3V to use 2 AA batteries.

Depending upon how you attach it, it can definitely be unsightly.

However, swapping out a 3V for a pair of AA or AAA can be a big win on battery life - especially if you are replacing coin cells.