Sensor for transfer switch aux contacts

I have a generac transfer switch that has aux contact (attached image)

I would like to create a sensor to detect when the generator is running. I do have a qubino 2 relay module - not sure if it can be used for this (and if so, how to wire). Any suggestions what device can be used for this?

The first thing that comes to mind is using a water sensor that has external leads and connect one lead to the common and the other to then normally open contact. It should report “Wet” when the contact is closed and “Dry” when it is open. (I know nothing of qubino 2...)

Thanks for the suggestion. That seems easy enough. So I guess all I need to do is to solder 2 wires - one to the common and the other to normally open. I will try that...

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From the Schematic you show, it looks like these might be screws - you may just need to unscrew them, wrap the stripped wire around them and tighten the screw back.

Yes, they are. Thanks for the advice. Maybe crimp on a ring crimp connector for the screw on the contact side?

That’s a bit more work, but is certainly an option!