Sensibo Rule Machine integration

I tried to use the unofficial integration of Sensibo with no success.
So I decided to just create a set of rules in rule machine and virtual buttons, so I will able to turn off/on and know the state of the AC with the Sensibo API.
It looks good and I can really make the actions I wanted easily.

Two things I missing:

  1. Knowing the state - Should I do a separate rule that will fetch the state of the AC every 5 sec or so to know the state or there is a better solution?
  2. I have 5 Sensibo devices, and I want a way to make my solution more general for all the ACs, so i will only create one set and some how able to apply it to other sensibo pod. This way, if I will have a change to do I won't have to change all the rules in all the devices... So there is a way to create the set of rules I created more general and just insert the POD id to it?


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