Sensibo integration - tanks and suggestions

Good evening @VeloWulf; I'm using the driver you wrote and it works great, thank you.
However, I would like to submit 2 configuration suggestions.

First suggestion, on the interior unit of the air conditioner (the Trane brand for my part), there is the display of the temperature and the mode logo (air conditioning, heating, dehumidifier). As for the driver developed by @dandanache for the Ikea air purifier (IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier (E2006) v5.0.1), is it possible to transfer this function to the Commands section to allow closing or opening of the Actuator parameter. At night, the indicator light can be closed, it is more pleasant (even more if the unit is in a bedroom) and this function can be included in a rule.

Second suggestion, there is a fan setting called turbo; this is the parameter higher than hight. Is it possible to add it in fanLevel settings?

I realize this is a lot of work and I thank you in advance.
Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with us!

I'll put it into the backlog and see what I can do. FUll disclosure: it might take me a while to get to it, there is a lot happening around here at the moment!

Is your integration a version of the one by Bryan Li, or a new integration? I ask as I have a lightly modified version of his that added support for the fan modes etc on my Daikin system, but the integration seems to stop getting data from the API after a few days of inactivity. I then need to fire up the Sensibo mobile app and power my AC on/off to resume connectivity to Hubitat.

Edit: it looks like I forked an early version of your fork. You can see the extra fan modes I added.

Looks that way. The latest version has received some great updates from @nh.schottfam and is in good shape. It addresses some of the issues in the original and reintroduces the thermostat and climate react functions.

Feel free to take a look and add in the additional modes via a pull request if it makes sense to do so

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Also, just reread your original post. Very occasionally I get the same symptoms where an AC unit 'drops off' the integration and needs to be woken up via the sensibo app. I haven't seen it so much recently though

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Cheers, I’ll take a swing at it when I have time.


Have a look at the latest version. The medium low and medium high fan modes are in. All feedback welcome

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