Sensibo Driver Update HELP

I've been using the Sensibo driver located at GitHub - joyfulhouse/SensiboIntegration. I tried to update the driver to include availability for a medium_high fan selection. I have limited abilities in this regard and buggered it up. Wondering if anyone with the skills can update this driver.
You can set the fan speed to medium high via the Sensibo app, HE device state updates, but if you look into what is offered, there is no medium_high offered. So consequently, if you try issuing custom command from HE, the option is not available:

Last item that needs addressing: Sensibo has an Air device that uses a Room Sensor for occupancy and for remote temp/humidity sensing. When in the Sensibo app, you can set it up to use either the onboard Air sensing, or the remote Room Sensor. However, if the remote Room sensor is engage, it is not reflected in the current state of the device in HE.

I do wish that someone can take some valuable time to look into this integration package and update it.

Original author is @blink with a modification by EricG66 for SmartThings. I'm fairly certain that there are a number of folks using this integration, so the help would be appreciated by more than one :smiley: Thanks to one and all.....