Sense and HE

I went with Sense over the Aeotec v2 solution due to the lack of driver support and also costs to monitor the entire home and also devices ($100/device - Sense $299 entire house and devices). I wanted to start a thread with others who are leveraging Sense with HE. I figured we could share our use case scenarios and also share RM screenshots to assist each other.

Current devices of interest being discovered (took ~4 weeks):

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Habitat Heating sources (Hedgehog)
  • Basement Dehumidifier
  • Basement Room Heater

In order to use Sense with HE you need to heavily utilize IFTTT and virtual switches (at least until I start working on the ST Raspberry Pi conversion). I have found this to be quite useful as our laundry is in a room that when the door is closed is hard to hear the notifications. So below are what I have currently deployed for RM notifications:


  • Use just one IFTTT to turn on the virtual Dryer switch


  • A little more complicated as Sense thinks the washer turns off when allowing the clothes to soak
  • Use (2) IFTTT to turn on/off Washer virtual switch
  • RM delay with truth cancellation to accommodate for the on/off within a given time period

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I also have sense and it integrated directly into ST to grab device info and status and I "presume" help it learn.

So you are using sense with IFTTT and just turning on Virtual switches of HE when Sense records the change?


Sense can't tie into ST directly but there are apps that enable a more direct 2-way communications between ST and Sense.

So since the ST app/drivers have not been ported I have been using IFTTT to control virtual devices. How are you using Sense today with ST and what would you like to do in HE?

Totally my hiccup...It's my HUE that is picked up by sense. Then Sense knows about those devices and knows when they are on and can identify them. THAT has been more handy on the sense side than the HUE side.

Not using Sense in ST (or now in HE). I use some Zwave energy plugs at my washer/dryer for monitoring power and webcore to trigger after x value for x time/etc. Still haven't figured out RM yet to convert those particular rules over....but assuming it shouldn't be too hard.

Any chance to support Sense in HE?

Only if someone wants to port over the ST and RPi code. I looked at it but still haven’t found a true use case that warrants replacing IFTTT.

My use case is to put the current power usage into my Sharptools dashboard so it can be seen on my wall mounted tablet.

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A lot of work to build out a driver for that. The current ST apps are complicated as they require a RPi to connect to the Sense service. Sorry but I won't be able to assist on this ask.

I am wondering now that IFTTT has started to charge if there is any new found interest in developing this integration. I am not a developer, but would love to have the Sense integrated with Hubitat. I know that some have leveraged Node-RED and I will be looking into that, but a bit intimidated by the integration.

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