Sensative Strips - Driver

I bought 3 of these Strips by Sensative. I have tried installing one - got it paired without too much trouble but can't seem to get it to register any open/close events.

It captured it as a Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor.

Any suggestions? Should I just return them or is there a way to get them to work with Hubitat?


I have five of them. No problems.

I've got 2 working OK and can confirm that that is the driver I am using.
Is it showing as open or closed or nothing.

Just checked and mine are on the generic Z-Wave driver.

Nothing from what I can tell. Maybe I am checking the wrong spot. I have clicked into the device, and have gone into events and nothing other than battery at 100%. Is there an easy method to test the open / close events other than where I am looking?

I see the contact state under the battery reading.


Silly question time. You are using the magnet at the right end?
One end for associate/unassociate, the other for contact open/closed.
Just thought I'd ask.

OT: did anyone experience the sensor duration ?

As for the silly question, I have it on the non rounded end. The other rounded end was what I used to wake the unit up. I think I am good, but please correct me if I am doing this wrong. Thanks.

Just noticed the status of my device shows as PENDING.. not sure what to do next to get it to Active,
Any suggestions.

This is what I see.

Scheduled Jobs
Handler Next Run Time Prev Run Time Status Schedule
logsOff 2019-02-18 5:52:04 PM EST PENDING Once

That just means the debug logging will turn off at the time specified. Many drivers auto-turn off the debug logging after a period of time.

Ok well, I have tried all positions for the magnets etc... no luck, just can't get it to report a state of either open or closed. I think I will be returning these and trying the Aeon recessed ones' instead

I found the Sensative ones a pain to setup but once working they have been stable. I have one Aeon recessed door sensor and it works well but doesn't report battery status.

I can't get my sensative paired at all. It doesn't help that it's outdoors an unless I creep out in the middle of the night having remembered to disarm all my alarms I can't see if the tiny little light is blinking. And it doesn't help that they have painted a bright green dot that looks like the expected green light has come on! Can pair and unpair from SmartThings without even checking the light but the zwave inclusion on Hubitat just times out without finding it

This may help.

No I've been following that. The Smartthings instructions are a bit different in terms of what to do with the magnet and the round end, and different still to the manufacturer's own instructions. The only thing that works on smartthings is the smartthings instructions relating to Sensative strip, and none of them seem to work for the hubitat. It might help if I could see the indicator light, but it tells you to do the pairing in the location the device will be located - which is outside and it's too bright to see the light.

The Sensative Strips are a pain to remove and re-pair. It was the hardest part of my transition from SmartThings and I am not looking forward to doing it again when I implement the hub 7. I wish I had a magic solution for you but I don't. Remember, you can trigger a Z-Wave exclude from either hub or from some portable devices such as the Aeon Minimote (if you can find one).

I managed the exclude from ST but it was the inclusion to Hubitat that didn't complete :frowning: For now I am using Hub Link to pick up gate opening from the ST hub.

I've got 3 of these sensors and see the same problem on my new c7 hub. It pairs but there is no contact state at all. They pair easily with smartthings but do nothing in hubitat.

ya i scrapped mine with the c7 .. either would exclude and pair or when did . did not work..

problem is mine are fairly new and one just unwrapped. These are very expensive to discard....