Sengled Smart Light Switch once more

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Because the original topic was closed I'll continue here. In the discussion there were two drivers posted: "ZigBee Battery Accessory Dimmer" and "ZigBee Battery Accessory Dimmer WIP".

The 1st one seems to work fine and it is receiving the on, off, and level change events. The 2nd one however, the WIP version, gets only the on and off events but not the change events.

Can anyone help me understand why the WIP driver is not getting all the events?

FWIW, I just got one of these in today and set it up with the built-in Sengled Button Controller driver, and set up the rules using the built-in Button Controllers (5.1.1) (not "Basic") app and things appear to be working as expected... so far, so good, anyway.

Thank you!

This is indeed what I was looking for. This was very helpful.

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