Sengled Smart Edison Bulbs on Sale at Woot

Just a heads up Woot has some Edison Sengled ZigBee bulbs up for sale, I stocked up on like 50 the the Standard Sengled Zibgee bulbs a few months ago. They work great with Hubitat since they aren't repeaters.

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Bought these for my kitchen light that my lovely bride of 40 years neglects to turn off. An Aqara motion sensor and these bulbs should do the trick.

I was not aware Edison bulbs were available in anything other than WiFi. Thanks for the information.

BTW, the Sengled Edison bulbs on Amazon were $29.95 for a pair.
The same pair of bulbs on eBay are $27.99 with free shipping.

This eBay seller has one box of two bulbs left.

They work great with the Generic ZigBee Bulb driver. Took a few resets (switch on and off quickly 10 or more times)

Hue also has filament bulbs that are not wifi...