Sengled RGBW LED Strip

Did you add this new device to the Google Home app on your Hubitat Hub? Only devices that you allow Google to discover will be available.

Yes I have.

Scratch it, checked again after you said it. I added it and hit update, but forgot to hit done. Thx!!! Now working

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I'm looking at just adding warm white (hoping for with defuser) to the underside of the kick plates in our kitchen. Sengled is $60 for me in Canada, but I don't need the color.

Trådfri is $20 CAD for the driver and $11.99 for a 31" strip with diffuser. So $31.99 for less than 1 meter.

Then there's this hacked controller.

I'm new to LED strips. Recommendations anyone? I don't care about color, but if it has it, that's fine too. I just want warm white. No cool white will ever go in my kitchen!

I am looking at doing the same thing. I use the Sylvania Smart+ strips for under-cabinet lighting. They work pretty well and do a decent job with CT. Drawback is that they repeat. The Quotra strips on a Hue bridge are working well behind a TV and have about the same color and CTs as the Sylvania's. Being frugal and a Xiaomi user has led me to research the WiFi offerings. I'm looking now to see if anything can be used with @adamkempenich's MagicHome WiFi Devices.
I'd be interested to hear what you come up with.

If you want to flash custom firmware to an H801 device, which can be found here, and usethese strips, you could do it relatively cheaply. If all your cabinets are in a row (no breaks) it looks like you could do the whole kitchen for $50 or less.
(and yes, those are amazon Canada links :slight_smile: )

If you want diffusers you'd have to buy those separately, but if you're talking indirect lighting, they shouldn't be necessary, should they?

Thank Ryan!

It's tiled floor. Not the nicest, but it's not going to get changed anytime soon. So it has a bit of sheen to it, and I don't want to have a bunch of dots reflecting on the floor. That's why I was thinking defusers would be needed. Maybe they aren't?

I've never done the firmware flashes on those device types. I don't have Android. Do I need it? This won't be something I'll be doing all the time. Would I need extra tools for a firmware upgrade?
Also, at $20 for the WiFi driver, the instructables hack with those strips you linked to might be an easier path for me.

What about taking the Trådfri controllers and using them with strips like these?

Has anyone done something like that?

[Edit] Apparently the answer is yes. The internet just keeps on giving!

Why hack an H801 controller when the 8266 [is like $13 and works with HE?](Goldwin Smart Single Color LED Strip Lights WiFi Controller Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Fit for 5050,5630,3528,5730,5054 LED Strip Lights and Panel Lights Wireless Remote (1) :slight_smile: Seems like a lot of extra work.

If you just want warm white, I’ve got a nice Dimmable-only controller driver to offer you.

Here’s a power supply and leds, even:
Onforu 16.4ft LED Strip Lights Kit, 300 Units 2835 LED Tape Light, UL Listed Power Supply, 12V Under Cabinet Lighting Strips, 5M LED Ribbon, 3000K Warm White, Non-Waterproof

Easy :slight_smile: If you want diffusers and channels, we can even find some of those for ya.


Thanks, but that controller isn’t available on, or at least not from that seller. If I want to import it I can but it will be $27.75 just for the controller and that strip is $38 CAD for me.

Getting things here, economically can be a challenge. I also have 13% tax on everything, except for the things I import through, since already have the tax built into the import fee.

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The instructables idea to hack a bulb isn’t bad, but I’ve had experience with IKEA TRÅDFRI zigbee radios going bad. Might actually be a better idea (for me anyway), to just get one of the TRÅDFRI controllers that already has the power supply and Zigbee radio in it, and just make it work with an inexpensive strip. That way if the radio goes bad in the controller, I can just return it to IKEA

Ah, I live in North Dakota, so how about we meet at the border :crazy_face:

Here’s some amazon Canada links:

(The RGB controller will work fine with non-RGB lights)

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Toronto is a bit far. :grimacing: Thanks very much for those links

That's might be easier with the tradri hack. The only thing you would need to flash the custom firmware to the controller is an FTDI adapter. But if you're not an Arduino person, you probably don't have the rest of the tools necessary (header pins, header wires, etc). So, the tradfri hack would be much easier.

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@mike.maxwell If I add an IKEA TRÅDFRI LED driver module to the hub, am I risking destabilizing the Zigbee mesh like I might if I added a TRÅDFRI bulb, or will it stabilize the mesh like the TRÅDFRI outlets and repeaters do?


Fingerprint from the 30W IKEA Trådfri LED driver module

ID: C660
Manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
Product Name:
Model Number: TRADFRI transformer 30W
deviceTypeId: 80

manufacturer : IKEA of Sweden
idAsInt : 1
inClusters : 0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,0008,0B05,1000
endpointId : 01
profileId : C05E
application : 11
outClusters : 0005,0019,0020,1000
initialized : true
model : TRADFRI transformer 30W
stage : 4

No idea...

What driver?

It auto selected Geneic Zigbee Bulb HE driver if that’s what you’re asking.

The device is an TRÅDFRI LED driver

Bought a Giderwel from amazon. Can’t get it to connect to Hubitat via Zigbee. Just can’t find it.


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