Sengled RGBW LED Strip


Looks like Sengled has decided to expand into the RGBW LED Strip market. I have one of these on order and should have time to play with it this weekend. I'll report back here on the results.


I saw that last night and thought about ordering one but they also mention and extension which I would need for my use case and didn't see that available yet. I'll be interested to see what you think. Have you used a Sylvania Zigbee LED strip before or another brand?


I have one and works ok-ish for me. In terms of effects on my zigbee network, no issues. I'm an odd ball though. I have Cree and a bunch of Sylvania bulbs on my zigbee network with no drops or problems. I know that is not the experience of others here.

Now the colors are poor. Out of the box when connected to smartthings or wink, certain colors never worked. This was a common Amazon review complaint. For my purposes it wasn't a big deal and I got it super cheap so I never bothered returning it.

Now the driver for Hubitat appears to be off. When asking for certain colors, it will display other colors. This appears to be an issue with the driver although I haven't pinned pointed the problem.


No, I have not used any LED strips previosuly. I have been very pleased with my other Sengled products, so I am hoping for more of the same. I am hoping to use these on top of my kitchen cabinets as accent lighting.

I have a spool of Neopixels (RGB only) that I have messed around with using an Arduino, but I have never actually deployed them.


They have a new brighter bulb too.

The article mentions their WiFi offerings also.


I did buy one of the soft white and one of the daylight 100 watt bulbs last night and will be replacing a few OSRAM lightify RGB bulbs to see if they react faster since I don't use the color capabilities on those two lights anyway and the brighter light will be welcome.


I got this Zigbee one about a month ago, it works without issue on Hubitat


I like the pre-packaged kits but lately I've been using these:

I have had two for months now, working well for me.


I wish HE supported more of the Sengled Smart line, like the outdoor par38 light with motion sensor:

Or the outdoor light with built in camera:


But then I guess I want my home automation to be more like Star Trek. Walk up to a door and it slides open, etc. When is the Hubitat replicator coming out?


I really like skimping with the GLEDOPTO controller like that one, but I undersized the power supply and it overheated. It's recovered and since left the hospital, but I had to buy a bigger nicer one from amazon so I didn't light my daughters room on fire.

Some of the cheap Chinese RF kits are nice to just splice these bad boys into, that's what I've done for my front landscape lights, and soon my pool lights.

Moral with these they really help undercut the price if a power supply doesn't cut into the rest of the cost savings.
Just my experience.
And the push in connectors suck, why wouldn't they be screw terminals!? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looks neat! I'm guessing it's ZHA like their bulbs, which is certainly fine for Hubitat (assuming it doesn't repeat, also like the bulbs) but would prevent it from being able to join a Hue ZLL network (unless maybe it's Zigbee 3.0, which theoretically should work). The Quotra is the same price, and I've thought about getting one in the past as a cheaper alternative to Hue. I almost thought the same for Sengled, then I remembered which Zigbee profile the bulbs use (their website isn't helpful: it just says you need a "compatible Zigbee hub").

So, I guess if you want to use them via Hue, Quotra might still be the better option if you want something cheaper than the Lightstrip Plus. I wish I could see more pictures or specs, like how bulky their power adapters are or what sizes of extensions/splitters/adapters the strips may take, a weakness Hue has in that we need third-party or soldered solutions to make anything besides a (lit) extension work (some of which might work here if the six pins share the Hue spacing).


I use one large power supply to run a few of them.

And yeah...screw terminals!!


I received my Sengled RGBW LED strip today. Pretty nice package. I was able to pair it easily as a “Device”, then changed the driver to the “Generic Zigbee RGBW Light”. So far it seems to work fine.


@mike.maxwell, here is the fingerprint for this new Sengled RGBW LED Strip. Seems to work fine with the “Generic Zigbee RGBW Light” driver.


I’d love to know if these strips are end devices or if they are capable of routing. Living with Xiaomi, one has to be careful. :wink:


How are the colors and brightness? Do they seem to be bright enough to be "task" type lighting for under cabinets or just bright enough for accent or biased lighting?


This is my first RGBW LED Strip. It contains alternating RGB and WHITE LEDs down the length of it.

The white LED's are definitely very bright. The only way the strip adjusts White Color Temperature is by adding in the color LEDs (i.e. adds blue for cooler white temps and red for warmer white temps.) At CT 2700, only the white LEDs are lit.

As for the quality of the Color LEDs... I really am not an expert whatsoever. I have never used Philips Hue, which seems like a benchmark most use to compare color quality and brightness. This Sengled LED strip seems fairly bright to me, and the colors that I choose using the Hubitat color picker in the device details page seem to be reproduced by the strip correctly.

The box list the strip as 1400 lumens.

The strip is fully encased in a clear rubber protective cover on one side, and has an adhesive strip on the other side. There are distinct points where the strip can be cut, but it might be a little difficult to solder on to the pads due to the clear rubber protective cover. The LED strip uses 5 conductors, labeled +24V, W, G, R, B.


Thanks Dan!


Hooked it up to my XBee and I can confirm that it is a zigbee endpoint.

I was looking for a controller for my bifrost and unfortunately these aren't going to work as they are only 4 channel - RGB and warm white. For cool white they turn on the white LED and the blue LED. the native CT for the white seems to be ~2700 - at least that is the temp where only the white LED is on - the blue turns on above that and the red below.