Sengled Light Strip E1G-G8E not listed in device type; dashboard problem

Newbie here just getting started, so sticking to supported devices. I successfully installed a few Sengled Element Color Plus bulbs and have them on my dashboard. I then moved to the Sengled LED Multicolor Light Strip (E1G-G8E) and it pairs and shows up, but there is no associated device type. So, when I try and add it to the dashboard it gives me a question mark and doesn't control?

I tried changing the type to the Element Color Plus bulb and that does allow me to control the device, but not within the dashboard. Looks the same as above description.

Anybody have this light strip that can educate on how to configure it properly?


@ScottyW You need to go to APPS>>HUBITAT DASHBOARDS>>whatever dashboard you want to add it to and then click devices and expose that device to the dashboard. Click update then done.

Thanks @rlithgow1. That's not the issue though. I've figured that step out and can add the device to the dashboard. The problem is that the strip pairs up fine, but assigns a generic "Device" in the Type field. When I try to change the Type to the correct Sengled strip, it is not available in the dropdown.
This has not been an issue when I paired the Sengled bulbs. So, the outcome is that when I add the device to the Dashboard, it is not correctly "typed" and won't function.

Change the driver to generic RGBW light, click save then click configure.

Thanks @rlithgow1 . That took care of it! Since it's a supported device, I'd have expected it to be a bit simpler than needing a generic driver, but it's working now. Appreciate the help.

Generic drivers are meant to work with most stuff. Named drivers are usually there because there is something extra...(at least my perception)

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