Sengled LED strip with HUE

Has anyone managed to get a sengled LED strip to pair with HUE bridge ??

I can get the sengled bulbs to pair but have failed getting the LED strip to pair

It's the only item left that i can't manage by HE

Finally discovered the wonders of Scenes and want to use the LED strip with it

They won't--Sengled uses ZHA 1.2 (though there appear to be new Zigbee 3.0 products in the certification database, I'm assuming they haven't made it to general release yet). Hue requires ZLL or Zigbee 3.0. ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation) and ZLL (Zigbee Light Link) are two slightly different Zigbee profiles, and you can usually pair devices of the latter profile to networks of the former kind but not vice versa.

However: you can pair the Sengled strip directly to Hubitat. Of course, if all your other bulbs are Hue, you'll lose some nice-ness of Hue like this (e.g., they can't directly participate in Hue scenes or rooms/zones, and they'll need to be added to Alexa/GA via Hubitat if desired). Hubitat has scenes but they're not quite as good as Hue scenes (notably, they don't use group broadcasting and on-device scene tables that allow Hue to be nearly instant and nearly 100% reliable at achieving the desired outcome), but with only one "real" Zigbee bulb in the mix as far as Hubitat is concerned, the results probably won't be too disastrous. :slight_smile:

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Good point, you know how I said I paired a bulb from sengled

I was wrong , i double checked after your post ... I paired an Innr bulb and i thought it was a sengled bulb

I could pair it directly to HE but don't want to put it the same thing as zwave

I have been using HUE hub with innr and eria bulbs just So I can leverage hue scenes, after I set hue scenes then i I use HE scenes to capture the scene colors then automate turning them