Sengled Element

Could someone advise if the bulbs in the link would be compatible with HE.

I've read on here that sengled bulbs are compatible with HE. I've had a look at the compatibility list and whilst the sengled name is the same the model number is different.
I'm not sure if this difference is due to me being in the UK or not.

Those are WiFi, go with Zigbee

No they would not pair to Hubitat. While there are exceptions Hubitat is limited to Zigbee or Z-Wave.

Zigbee is the same all over the world.

Z-Wave changes frequency (aka channel) for different countries.

Actually, the bulbs that come bundled with hub in the OP’s linked Amazon listing are Zigbee bulbs. If you read through the questions and answers for this listing, Sengled confirms that the bulbs are Zigbee.

It is the bundled Sengled hub that most likely works with WiFi. That hub cannot be used with Hubitat, but I believe the bulbs can be used when directly paired with Hubitat.


Thanks that's the way I read it too.
I understood that they were ZigBee just wasn't too sure if they were compatible because of the hub that they come with.
Too be fair for only £12 it's worth taking a chance and if they don't work I'll give to my daughter.

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Yes I can confirm this is true (at least in the US). I bought a very similar bundle. The hub was nice to update the bulb firmware.

Also in the picture you can see the Zigbee logo on one of the bulbs - not that that means anything of course.

It does mention in the copy that the hub can be used without a cable.. meaning that is what is WiFi...

  • :bulb:SUPPORT BOTH 2.4GHZ & 5GHZ WIFI: Why hub? High connection reliablity, you don't have to worry about straining your network and frequently drop offline like most smart WiFi bulbs in the market (Connect with the network cable (included in the package). Once connected successfully, the hub can be used without the Internet Cable).
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Thanks for the info and advice much appreciated.
It's reassuring when someone has/is using the same product.

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