Sengled Element Plus Lowest Possible Dim Level

Curious if anyone has the standard (non-color) Sengled zigbee bulbs and if they think these bulbs do not get dim enough at 1%? Mine seem too bright for what I would hope a 1% dimmed bulb should be (in terms of brightness). I have set the color temperature to 2700k.

I don’t have the non color ones, but I know mine sure are brighter than one would expect 1% to be. Hue are the only ones that I have found to actually dim to nightlight levels.

These are way too bright at 1%.

Good thing I bought them cheap

My findings are the same. Sengled 1% is what I would perceived to be perhaps 10% or more.

Seems to be a consensus that Sengled 1% is equal to approximately a Hue bulb 10%. I suppose this is why Hue is the premium product that it is.

I have found that setting the Sengled color bulbs to a color in the warmer regions and dimming to 1% has a similar effect as nightlight. So, I may be sending the Sengled White back and exchange for color.

Or just buy Hue. My wallet hurts even thinking about that.

:rofl: No kidding. I was lucky (?) and bought a bunch of Hue bulbs when Costco had them on sale 3 A19 RGBW bulbs for $99 with the Hue bridge. But, the Hue CT bulbs also dim very low, and are about the same price as the Sengled Color Plus if you don't need the color or very warm light. Plus the Hue are more reliable using their hub than Sengled are on HE.

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I have the full color sengled. If you change them to orange and 10% they are very dim.

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For what it's worth, I had a spare Element Plus starter kit in the bin so hooked it up and upgraded firmware on the bulbs. Sad to report that the latest firmware does not help the problem. These bulbs just are what they are, so I'll have to keep using them where I don't require low light levels.

Agree that the color versions can get more dim. I have those in a few spots where I did require low light levels and didn't have a suitable CT bulb on hand.

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