Sengled Element Classic Weird Behavior

I have a 100 Watt equivalent Sengled Element Classic that seems to have been rock solid since November, even though it's pretty far away from my hub. It is supposed to stay on overnight and off during the day. The other day I came home and noticed that it was on and it was unresponsive and I couldn't turn it off through the Hubitat. I did a reset with the light switch and it appeared as itself when I added Zigbee devices.

After this, the bulb has stayed on the Zigbee network, but randomly turns on during the day. I've set a notification and even added a RM action to turn it off when it comes on. But it happens multiple times per day. I've reset the device a few times and re-added it as a Zigbee device, but never removed it totally and re-added it, since I didn't want to mess up my automations.

Any suggestions on what to try next?

The default behavior of the Sengled is to turn on when power is switched on. Is there any power issues on the circuit that you have the bulb on? Can you test it in another location closer to the hub for a few days to see if it happens there?

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This seems to be the correct answer. Yesterday I checked the voltage of the fixture and it was only 110 instead of 120. Upon further checking there was a photoelectric eye that I thought was disconnected, but was still wired in the circuit and just placed inside the body. I bypassed the sensor and checked again and the voltage was 120.

So far, it‘s been 24 hours and the Sengled has only powered on when triggered by an automation. Hopefully it’s fixed now. But just to make sure, I’ll keep my notifications that tells me when that bulb is activated turned on for a while.

It must have been triggering in the past, but I didn’t notice. I do have a routine that runs every 15 minutes to turn the light off during the day and on at night. So I might not have seen the problem that was happening regularly.

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