Sengled E12 LED Candelabra Bulbs?

I don't see these Sengled E12 LED Candelabra Bulbs listed on the compatible devices list, but I was wondering if anyone had them and tried regardless.

I know people have mentioned the Gledopto E12 lights when E12 light questions come up.

I was just curious if anyone had used both, if the Sengled ones work with Hubitat, and if you had a preference for Sengled or Gledopto.


I wonder if these are new. When searching for candelabra-style bulbs about a year or so ago, I didn't find any besides Gledopto and Hue (which I ultimately settled for) that did color, ignoring a few white- or CT-only options like Ikea.

I don't have any answer for you, but the third product image Sengled provided shows an image of Hubitat as an example of a hub, so they at least think it should work. :slight_smile: My guess is they will work more or less like the A19 style does with either the Generic RGBW Zigbee Light or dedicated Sengled RGBW drivers.

As for Gledopto vs. Sengled, I've used both and the only preference I have for Gledopto is that they can pair to a Hue Bridge network, which I find more reliable than Hubitat for controlling lights. (Group messaging helps, but sometimes bulbs seem to "miss" command sent too quickly in a row, even if part of the same Hubitat command like a "set level" that will also turn on.) In the E26/E27 base, they also make a 100W-equivalent RGBW light, which Hue doesn't (though they do have an upcoming white-only option) and I don't think Sengled does, either. But assuming they meet your requirements, Hue Bridge vs. Hubitat is my main preference. if these are Zigbee 3.0 (and I don't know, but if they're new they might be--older Sengled is ZHA 1.2 and won't pair to Hue), they might be able to pair to either Hue or Hubitat in case that matters.


And in general Sengled bulbs work with Hubitat, so I also vote "probably will work". There is a built in driver for the Sengled (normal) color bulb, so I would try that.

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Thanks for the replies.

I should have the Gledopto tomorrow to test and assuming it works fine I'll just go that route.

But the generic Sengled driver and the fact that you're right-- they do show Hubitat in the product image (even knowing relying on marketing images is not always trustworthy) -- means I might buy the Sengled ones in the event that I'm not into the Gledopto.

Thanks again!

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I have the Gledopto bulb...used it for a while as a color notification. I think its off network now. But it worked well with the generic drivers.

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aren't they through wifi? I've always tried to stay away from wifi smart things..just another thing to cause wifi to run slower and cause a increase in load for the router instead of just the hub.

Not sure who you were replying to. But no, both the Sengled and Geldopto bulba are zigbee.

I ended up using the Sengled bulbs. They were detected fine but I did have to go in and set the device type manually to Sengled Element Color Plus and re-configure for everything to show up properly.

They just were shown as a generic device by default.

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hmm I just recieved a two pack of the sengled and it seems they run extremely hot..and im running them at 44% at 4k..the ikea bulbs im using now arent even warm at the same or lower..hopefully these don't get to hot and burn the gledopto bulbs get hot?

EDIT: hmm jus checked my color plus sengled and they seem very hot too so I guess its normal.

So, did you use the Sengled Candle Bulbs? Their page here doesn't load: Sengled Smart LED Multicolor Candle Bulb – Sengled USA so I can't confirm if they are Zigbee and thusly compatible with Hubitat.

Hi -- did you end up purchasing these bulbs? Did they integrate well with Hubitat? Do you know if they are Zigbee?

They are Zigbee. Sengled WiFi bulbs seem to always have β€œWiFi β€œ in the name since they do make some Wifi bulbs. They should work fine as long as you have repeaters and a strong mesh as they don’t repeat.

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Yes, as I mentioned above, I have them paired with Hubitat no problem. They are zigbee.

Hubitat has native support for them. They will pair as type: "Sengled Element Color Plus".


They work fine just run super hot. haven't had any fail. just dont put these in tight enclosed spaces they could melt something.

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