Sengled Door / Window Sensor E1D-G73WNA

Hi Everyone!
I am considering purchasing the E1D-G73WNA Sengled Door/Window Sensor. I had purchased the SmartThings brand but the magnet side was too wide to fit my door/window trim. Has anyone got any experience with them that may also have the SmartThings brand. From the specs it appears to be much slimmer, but also interested in a performance comparison. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I see you didn't get any replies. Did you end up getting these? I need sensors for my garage doors and these are very reasonably priced.

I just purchased these Amazon link for use in a closet door lighting trigger in my guest rooms. I’ll report back how they perform.

Got them in today. They paired right away. Will take time to see if they are stable.

I got my set. The first one wouldn't pair. Tried the second one and it paired right away. Turns out the battery was dead in the first one. The second one is at only 75%. Put a new battery in the first one and it paired. It shows the battery being 87%. The package hadn't been opened and the battery isolator strips were still there.

Yea. I found that my batteries were also not at 100% even when new and with the pull tab in place. HE automatically picked the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp) Driver. Working well so far; been checking on them each day.

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So far these are working well. Just got a couple more. Great price at $22 for 2 of them and they're nice and small. Time will tell on how well they keep going but I've had good luck with my Sengled bulbs.

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I have 10 of them on doors, windows and an outside gate. I protected the one outside with a piece of pvc pipe cut and glued to provide a rain cover. A little heat makes the pvc pliable so you can make them any shape you need.
It seems like the batteries were partially drained when I first got them but I still was able to use them for a few months. I then ordered some Sony batteries in bulk on Amazon and replaced them all. Even with new batteries they never showed 100%- They all show 87%. The sensors have been working flawlessly for well over a year and I really like the size too. IMHO, they're GREAT, especially for that price.


I noticed the new one I set up yesterday showed 87%. I ordered more batteries and I'm going to order some more sensors.

I think its a reporting error... Almost every sensor that I put new batteries in showed 87%. Voltage of the batteries were in the upper range (3.23v) too. I'd say 87% is actually equal to 100%, at least thats how I'm treating it.

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So with a HE I don't need this Sengled hub correct?

Nope. They pair directly to HE

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Today one of the sensors is reporting open when the door is closed. I have it on a workshop door to turn on the lights when entering and also to use as notification on an Inovelli wall switch in the house if the door is left open.

This morning I saw the notification in the house but the door was closed on the shop. Went to the shop and the lights were on. If I turn off the lights and open the door, they don't come on but they do when I close the door. The status in HE doesn't change. Interestingly though the battery percentage is now at 100 instead of 87. My event logs in HE stop at 6/30 on this hub so I need to figure out what's up with that.

The event log on the master hub in the house is up to date and shows the status for that the sensor has opened and closed. But the device status on the master hub still shows it always open.

I just did an experiment. I set the rule to turn the lights off when the door is closed as well as turning them on when opened. When I close the door the lights went off and then came right back on again. If I get the door almost closed, the lights go off and the status of the sensor is shown as closed. I opened the door and used a separate magnet to operate the sensor and it showed opened and closed and turned the lights on and off. I could hear the sensor clicking. This was a pretty strong magnet and it seemed to reset the sensor contacts as now it functions properly again. The sensor and magnet are mounted on a metal door with a metal frame. I don't know if that's the problem. My other two sensors haven't been mounted yet but they're going to be mounted on metal garage doors. Hopefully this isn't a problem.

I just mounted my other two sensors to the garage doors. The sensors are stuck to hinges screwed into the top panel so they fall away when the door starts to open. We'll see how they do.

Woke up this morning to the workshop door indicator on in the house. Seems the sensor is back to being reversed. The ones on my garage doors haven't done this. I'll try putting another sensor on the shop door to see if it does it as well.

I made the decision to move from that location a couple of months later so I didn't buy any. I had intended to live in my current house for a year so I haven't really invested in anything but moving in about 30 days and looking to get back to having a much greater automation experience. I appreciate all the information you guys provided and look forward to experimenting with new automation options and adding these to my plans.

Chiming in as well, just placed two of these in my closets, and they have been great so far.
Sengled keeps surprising me.

Yea these are working well for me. I have a couple of Samsung Multipurpose sensors that are eating batteries ... needs a new battery every few months!! Good think I got a multipack of batteries from Amazon, but didn't know I would go through them so quickly.