Sengled Colored Bulbs In Homekit- Color Issues

I purchased three Sengled A19 Zigbee bulbs, paired them up easily, and put them in Homekit. I have them on a dumb switch in our bathroom. Originally, I was using the Sengled Element Color Plus [Non legacy] "type", but I was having issues with the lights being turned on via the switch, and then the bulbs would turn on, then some of them would turn off. So I switched it to the legacy "type" and they worked fine. I joined all three bulbs into a group in homekit, but when I set one color for the group, all the bulbs are off by a little bit. I did not have this issue that I can remember when I used the non-legacy type. Sometimes, I pick a color and only two will change. My gut tells me that homekit trying to change the color of three bulbs at once, since it's a group, is causing the issue. Any ideas of how to get the colors correct from Homekit?

Try the other way. See if grouping the bulbs in Hubitat and sending the group device to Homekit fixes the issue.

I will try that. Should I enable zigbee group messaging?

Zigbee bulbs are meant to be left on at all times. The reason why the Sengled driver doesn’t work properly is that it turns off the lights if there has been a power failure. It may be that the lights don’t immediately reconnect, therefore commands are missed.

Yes as that would help minimize the popcorn effect. As long as you plan to have all three bulbs be the same color (at least when controlling from Homekit), this should help.

Yeah I knew I would be up against that a little bit. I've been VERY impressed with how fast they connect. I hit the dumb light switch and watch them connect almost within a second via my HomeKit app. I would let them connect before changing colors, so I know they were connected.

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Thanks, I will try that. My other idea was to create dummy switches to change colors via Hubitat. Since they are bathroom lights I really just want them to be a little more yellow at night, not a bright white/blue that blinds me.

You might want to look at Room Lighting and create an activator device. Share that activator device (make sure it is a Room Lighting Bulb in the devices tab) with HomeKit. In the Room Lighting instance, you could create time periods that automatically adjust your bulb with using HomeKit as a backup. You'll need to fiddle with this a little bit since cutting the power will definitely affect some of this.

They should work with the Advanced Zigbee RGBW driver. Then you can change the power restore preferences.

Thanks all. I'm playing with most of these options to see which one seems the best.

Circling back to this. Changing to advanced zigbee RGBW caused issues, they wouldn't change colors at all. The colors from HK into Hubitat are a little finicky on groups, but they are more responsive if I have the "group" held in Hubitat. Also I've had it where I change the color in Homekit, and Homekit still shows the old color as picked, but the light actually changed. It'll show the old color in Hubitat also (this is on bulbs that do not have a switch either). If it's just one bulb, it works fine in HK. I will deal with the clunkiness and create switches to change the colors back to a "default" color as needed. I tried some thread bulbs, updated the firmware, and they went unresponsive in a non-switched light within a day. The Sengleds have been rock solid for the few days I've had them.