Sengled Color RGBW Zigbee Bulb Connection Issues solved

I ordered 5 `Sengled Zigbee Color bulbs. I had a heck if time getting them to turn off and on. The discovery went fine but I couldn't control them after installing. I tried changing the device to Advanced Zigbee Color bulb from Sengled Element Color Plus..Factory reset (10 on off) . Each time I would remove from Hubitat and discover again..found quickly but I had no control.
I finally tried NOT removing first and resetting the bulb and discovering again. It told me it found a previously discovered device and that worked as I had full control the,
Anyone else have issues ?

You do not have to reset the device in order to change the driver - just pick a new driver from the drop down list on the Devices-> page and then hit the configure button. Sengled makes a number slightly different bulbs and you can (I did) waste some time trying all the drivers that might work until you find the one that will do what you want.


Good to know for future discoveries. I did it so ,many times I'm sure that I must have changed drivers without resetting.
In the end they are all on the Sengled Element Color Plus driver so all is good.

Just remember that sengled bulbs don't repeat so make sure you have repeaters in your mesh.

Thanks I purchased a couple of Zigbee plugs that are supposedly repeaters

More good suggestions on zigbee repeaters here...

The CMARS outlet/socket thingies fixed my Zigbee mesh. I have 5 around the house and Zigbee is fast, reliable and stable.

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I was just following up on your CMARS outlets. I'm looking at buying the same ones. Are they compatible with Hubitat out of the box? Or are there drivers needed to be added? Thanks.

Works right of the box with the “Generic Zigbee Outlet” driver. I’ve bought a lot of them. Really work great.

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