Sengled Color Lights Bulbs

Brand new to Hubitat and home automation. I'm having issues with all my Sengled light bulbs. I can pair them in Hubitat. But, there is no control of the bulbs after pairing. Any suggestions on how to get these to work within Hubitat. I'd rather not have to buy the Sengled HUB as well.

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I paired a new Sengled strip last night and noticed that its fingerprint didn't match the driver, so the hub picked up the generic driver type (Device).

Go to Device Details page and make sure the appropriate type is selected. If not, select the correct Sengled type for your specific model (see Compatible Devices List - column Driver Name for appropriate driver). Once the correct driver type is selected, click Update then scroll up and click Configure.

If the correct driver has been assigned, you may need to click Configure button on the Device Details page.

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Just want to mention that you definitely don't have to do this! (@bobbyD already gave you instructions on what to do) ...

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It looks like everything is correct and I clicked configure multiple times. Still nothing
Type= Sengled Element Color Plus

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Was worth a try :slight_smile: Sengled bulbs are non repeaters, so they require mains powered devices to support them. Also, depending on the number of bulbs you have added, only 32 can be paired directly to the hub. You could add more by adding repeaters. Generally the ratio I use, is about 4 to 6 non-repeating devices per mains powered device. If you don't think your system lacks repeaters, please send me a PM with your hub's MAC address or Hub ID and we can further investigate.

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I think that driver works with older Sengled bulbs, but not the newer ones. While I recommend you do what @bobbyD requested, in the meanwhile try these two drivers:

"Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb"
"Generic Zigbee RGBW Light"

In both cases, make sure you click "Configure" after changing drivers.

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Tried both of those as well. Still nothing.
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