Sengled Color bulbs for $17.50

From what I have seen the Sengled bulbs are typically $20+. Today on Amazon I found four bulbs for $70 with a hub. Sure I don't need a Sengled hub but I figure it can be useful for updating firmware. Not a bad extra for one of the better prices I've seen on the bulbs.


I actually rather like their hub. It's really easy to understand the setup process and works well with both GH/Alexa. Good for a gift or for someone that might just be interest couple of smart bulbs. Good for a beginner system also. It's a better option then WiFi bulbs.

As a freebie with the best price I've seen on bulbs it's a definite buy for me.

It's terrible when people find deals and you are a bit short and can't take advantage of them. Can anyone lend me $69? :wink:


Best Buy has them for the same price

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it's worse when i want to pull the trigger on a set so bad but I don't know where they'd go! :slight_smile:


One of those outdoor string light thingies should work. I think they come in at least twenty four light strings. That should hold you for a while.

The 4 pack of white bulbs is on sale with an additional 15% coupon available making the price of each bulb only $8.29. And if you really want to go for cheap, there are used 4 packs listed for only $6.19 a bulb.

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Thanks for the heads up. I only use RGB bulbs so I don’t follow the prices of the adjustable white bulbs. Good info for those that use them.

i tend to pick up the Sylvania bulbs when I can get them for around $10 each. I have enough of them that it made sense to get a second hub rather than replace them all. I’ve been wanting to try out the Sengleds found it was a decent price point - particularly with the hub included for updates.

Now I just need to find a solution for GU-10 bulbs. :wink:

Just to clarify, those are just white bulbs. Not adjustable white. They're available in either Warm White or Daylight.

Ah, I definitely don't follow the price of those. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up on this, i did end up buying a 4 pack.

Also noticed Best Buy had 6.6 ft Sengled color strips for $38, so I picked up a few of those as well (i've been looking to replace some non-Zigbee white-only strips I have in the alcoves in my living room)

I'm curious to see if they dim lower than the Sylvanias. Guess I'll find out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

The do not dim extremely low. That is one complaint I have about them. Definitely not as low as a Caseta dimmer.

Good deal on the Sengled Color Strips for $38 from Best Buy(unfortunately its $45 here). I regret not buying more when they were $35 during the fall.

They are nice to have as a backup in case a bulb gets flaky - also with the hub you can potentially update the bulb firmware I think but really any excuse to get more kit will do right?