Sengled Color Bulb - Flash specific color

I am attempting to create a rule that will utilizes Sengled's flash command, however I'd like it to flash a specific color.

In my rule, I have it capture the bulbs original state, then change the color to red, then flash that bulb. However, it doesn't flash the bulb in red, it flashes it in the previous color temp before it turned to red. I used custom attribute to pull the flash command. Do I need to set a parameter?

If you watch...does the color change to red before the flashing starts? I'm not positive on how the flash command works in the backend, but I'm wondering if the command is causing the bulb to flash before it's had a chance to update the color. Maybe add a 1 sec delay between the color change and the flash action.

To be honest when it triggered, it was so fast that i didn't notice if it had changed it to red. Nice troubleshooting tip, I'll set a delay of 2 seconds and try that out and report back. Thanks. :+1:

Well tested it out with a 2 second delay and it still flashed with a color temp and not Red. I guess it can't flash colors? Should I contact sengled to confirm?

Does it work if you manually change the color from the device page and then use the flash command?

I have some Sengled bulbs, but I'm using the Sengled driver that doesn't have that command. I can try switching one over to the advanced zigbee driver and see if I have the same problem.

Looks like that's a no. Same issue here. Any time I hit "flash" it defaults to CT mode. What is flashes three times in CT mode, then for about half a second it'll go back to RGB, before flipping back to CT again.

Lame. Ohh welp. Thanks for confirming. :+1:

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