Sengled Bulbs smooth transition to color change

I bought some sengled bulbs and I'm trying to get them to fade from one color to a next for different events. I'm using the "Sengled Element Color Plus" driver and from the device itself I set the transition time to 5 seconds and if I change the color from the device page its a nice smooth transition like I want. I can't recreate this anywhere else. I have a group setup with 4 bulbs and when I switch from one scene to another the color change is instant. I tried turning off group messaging, no help. I tried setting the scene transition time in the scene and it didnt help. I then tried to create a scene transition but 10 seconds with 1 sec interval looks very choppy.

Whats the secret to this?

I just got my first set of Sengled bulbs and had the same issue using scenes. I gave up way too fast and just did it on Rule Machine. Works great.

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I tried that earlier and it didn't work so I tried it again. It looks like it works fine if you select the action on the individual bulbs rather than selecting the group. I can make this work. Thanks!