Sengled bulbs drop off

Recently my sengled bulbs (classic and element plus) started to drop off from my zigbee mesh. If I power cycle them, they will work fine for 24 to 48 hours then becomes unresponsive. I tried changing the driver, reboot the hub, power cycle the hub to no avail. They use to work. Now none of them works more then 48 hours. I have 93 zigbee devices all over the house and they all work fine. Only the Sengled bulbs do that.

I don't understand what is happening and I don't know what to do.

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Did you potentially lose a zigbee repeater that was relaying to those bulbs? When I first put some Sengleds in my place I had issues until I added a plug to just serve as a repeater. Rock solid ever since.

Thanks. I did not loose any repeater. Anyway, the bulbs are placed all over the house. It is unlikely they would all go trough the same repeater if it was the case. Also, other devices would exibit the same problem.

Not being an expert on zigbee, I think power cycling them would make them seek a route that works. They work fine for a while, then drop off.

What bugs me is that they use to work fine. What changed?

I have about 8 or 9 of them and no issues. Hopefully someone else has better ideas.

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I had to reset mine and pair them back a couple times before they became reliable. I’m using the Advanced Zigbee RGBW driver with mine and they wouldn’t respond properly until I set the transition time to a value other than the default setting.

Thanks for you insight. I decided to trace my step back in remove stuff I added recently trying to find the culprit. (which may take a long time since there is a 48 hours window between each test)

Did you recently add more non repeating devices? Could you be overwhelming your repeaters?

Almost identical synopsis of what I experienced ~6 months ago. Symptoms were limited to Sengled ("60W", "100W", and RGBW). Same countermeasures - reset, power cycle, change driver, power down hub for 20+ minutes to panic devices.

Come to think about it, I should offer my collection of misfit devices for anyone that wants to roll the dice.

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I've had more than a few of my Sengled color bulbs go down. The bulb themselves seemed to work but the zigbee component seemed to fail constantly. I threw them them away. Now i try not to use bulbs anymore.

@Ken_Fraleigh I did not add non repeating device (I'm pretty sure): Sylvania, Smartthings and tradfri bulbs. Those are the one I recently installed and now removed to see if it makes a difference.

@Hatallica Am I to understand you never got them to behave?


I hope it is not too early to claim success but after removing the bulbs mention earlier, my problematic bulbs are working fine. Two of them would fail within an hour and now after almost 24 hours they are good.

I'll reintroduce the tradfri. I doubt those were causing problems because I had older one on the mesh before this happened. As for the sylvania and the smartthings, I won't bother because I was using them temporarely before buying new tradfri.

If they are the A-19 bulbs, the ones I had would overheat if left on for a bit and the Zigbee radio would stop working. It drove me bonkers.

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Yes they are A19. I had them for a while but I was only using them in temporary situation because they makes a high pitch buzing hiss all the time that drive me crazy. Now that I suspect them to wreck havoc on the mesh they will go in the bin.

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I vaguely recall that as well. They aren’t on a dimmer circuit are they? I had some that were briefly on a dimmer, before I changed it to a switch, that buzzed like crazy. I’ve since replaced them all with Hue. Expensive, but zero issues with them on the Hue bridge. I haven’t had any issues like that with the recessed Sylvania rgbws or strip lights (as long as they don’t say Osram on them).

No dimmer. They were in table lamps.

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