Sengled bulbs and zigbee group messaging issues

I had some element classics in the living room, then moved them to other rooms and replaced the living rooms bulbs. All bulbs are using the generic bulb driver. Apparently I used to use zigbee group messaging on the old config, but it never worked when I replaced the bulbs (the old bulb still turned on even though it was no longer in the group). So I had to turn off group messaging and thought it must be something that would work at a later time.

Fast forward to a few months later and I turned it on on 2.1.5 because I was getting popcorn with my groups, sure enough that bulb that’s no longer in the group still comes on.

Any way to fix this?

Try a factory reset on the bulb. Don’t remove it, just reset the bulb, then discover it again. That way all your rules and groups will remain untouched.

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FYI, I've found that when I do that with Sengleds, I have to go into all groups and just hit "Done" again on their app page before rediscovered devices work in groups again. (Or really that's on my friend's hub; I only have one Sengled, and this could be a thing with any device but I don't have enough groups to know.)

Everything looks fine but this appears to be needed for them to work. :man_shrugging:t3:


As someone with 40+ Sengled bulbs, I can absolutely say with certainty that what @bertabcd1234 suggested is correct. You have to go into each group you created that contains the changed light(s) and hit done again.

Also, try changing the Sengled bulbs over to the Sengled driver. I've seen some better performance out of mine using the Sengled driver over the generic Zigbee drivers.

I’ve gone into each group and hit done multiple times. I even removed all bulbs in that group, hit done, then came back and re-added them.

Huh, that's weird. You might need to delete the group and recreate it altogether OR do a soft reset of the hub (takes all of 5 minutes and works wonders on odd issues like this one).

I can tell you first hand though, I've not had any issues with group messaging on any of my Sengleds. Some of my groups have 10+ bulbs in them and they all work fine with no popcorn effects.

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Thanks. Will reset the trouble bulb first then soft reset of hub. Don’t want to wipe out the group completely as it’s tied to lots of things.