Is sendPush supported ? I'm assuming not.

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No, it's not. That was specific to ST's mobile app.

That's what I thought so now the money question.... how can I send that message so its not tied to either the native pushover or pushbullit. Is there a generic sendPush that could be used in this case ?

You need a notification device of some sort to send it to. Send it to what??

Send to user as a push message. I am assuming I'll have to add code for the app to select the push driver ?

Do you mind if I PM you ? The code I'm porting over is for alarm monitoring.

It needs to get a device with capability "Notification", as in

input "notifyDevice", "capability.notification", title: "Select notification device" ....

Which means, of course, that you actually need such a device in your system. Our Pushover integration creates such a device.

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An alternative to Pushover that you might be interested in if you're still using ST is this Hubitat driver and ST app: Route Hubitat Notifications to SmartThings (App and Driver)

It implements both the notification and speech synthesis capabilities, the latter of which is really only there to work around earlier limitations of Hubitat and apps that didn't allow you to select true "notification" devices (anything you told/tell it to do via TTS also just sends a notification). As you might expect, it sends notifications through the ST app--convenient if you still have it, and because it all goes through the cloud, your ST hub doesn't even need to be online.

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