Sending temperature to Alexa

As I slowly move things from Smartthings to Hubitat as they break things. I have found things that reported temperature on Alexa via Smartthings don't report temperature via Hubitat, examples being a Smartthings multi sensor and a Neo coolcam motion sensor.

Is this normal using the stock drivers??

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I have half a dozen v5 multi sensors linked to my HE and they are reporting a temperature result. I don't rely on these for temperature, so can comment on accuracy, etc, but they do appear to be working. What version of the sensor are you using?

Sorry, just re-read your post, I don't send the readings to Alexa or GH, sorry, can't comment on that. Do you have the temp being captured in the device on HE?

Yes all values are present in HE

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Confirmed using the Echo Skill only primary, no secondary, or tertiary values are sent to Alexa via the Echo Skill. Virtual temp sensors also do not get pushed (sorry work around failed)

Not sure where the limitation lies. @bobbyD @bcopeland is this by design, and/or changeable?

FYI tested SmartThings contact and Aeotec M6. Only received primary data. Virtual temp device does not appear.

Temperature in Alexa is coming to 2.2.2


Will the neo coolcam motion sensors also have the ability to be configured as at the moment everything is at default and not able to be changed in settings

I'm using Amazon Echo App with this and it reports temperature; hubitat/Weewx_Local_Capabilities-Hubitat.groovy at master ยท bdwilson/hubitat ยท GitHub. I use it for inside, outside and Pool temp (pool reports back as "your home is x"; it doesn't say pool).

I tried to move off of the Echo App to the newer integration and had issues with my blinds (I control them as dimmers).

A little late, but congratulations on your addition to the staff.


Sending temperature now, however how do I check that its accurate it tells me that my outer front door is 20.91c

Not sure I understand... it's just reporting whatever the sensor says the temperature is. Are you saying you suspect the sensor is wrong because that number doesn't sound right? If so try adding another sensor. If not... I guess I need more info on what you think isn't accurate.

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I've nothing that accurate to compare it to :roll_eyes:

What sensor do you own? Someone else here might have one and can comment on the accuracy.

Several Smartthings multi purpose sensors