Sending Dashboard to Wife

I've been very quietly building the home network. I finally got to the point where I needed to share access and I can't find a "straight answer."

Do I need to install the Hubitat app on my wife's phone for her to use her dashboard? I've emailed a link, which is working on her phone, but she's having to open the messaging app to access the link. Greatly underwhelmed she is, which is the reaction I was trying to avoid.

Have her bookmark/favorite the Hubitat dashboard URL in the mobile browser. The HE app is not a requirement to use dashboards from mobile.

iPhone or Andriod? iPhone allows you to create shortcuts that can be added to the HomeScreen.

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I second @thebearmay's desktop shortcut idea.

The Hubitat mobile app would work as well and you may someday want it to take advantage of Geofencing presence sensors but you can't specify these dashboards are ready for certain users and others aren't so everyone with the app on your account will see all dashboards.

Unless that was changed with the security changes they made in 2.2.4, I'm not sure as I've been waiting for it to be stable before updating, it's been quiet now since the last update so I may update soon.

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Using Chrome, open the dashboard's local link in a browser then click on the 3 dots at upper right corner. Then choose Add To Homescreen. That's how I did it on my Android & I think I did same process on wife's iPhone since she uses Chrome. This should get rid of URL line normally seen in a browser.

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Safari is similar you just use the share icon instead

Thank you so much. I've been head banging for about five hours on this.