Sending alerts

Is there an app which can send me alerts when my water sensor get triggered? A notification on my IPhone or email?

Are you unable to do this with the Hubitat iOS app? That would be the simplest way.

Other options include:

  1. Using Pushover for which there is a built-in driver, but you'll have to use install the Pushover app on your iPhone, or
  2. Using Twilio to send an SMS. You don't need any new apps on your iPhone for this, but will need a Twilio subscription. There's a built-in driver for Twilio.

There are also other ways to receive an SMS (like Plivo), using a driver written by @ritchierich

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In addition to the Mobile Device options mentioned above... If you are looking for a Hubitat Hub App, that can send you Notifications, take a look at the built-in Hubitat "Notifications" App. You can also use Hubitat Safety Monitor (HSM) app to monitor your leak sensors. Both of these can then send you a push notification to the Hubitat Mobile Phone App, or Pushover, or Twilio, etc...

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Yup - I misinterpreted the word app. In retrospect, I agree @miftain was looking for Hubitat apps that could notify!

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But these apps alone still need something to send a message. Pushover for the win :grinning:


@miftain Using the app on your phone (either the hubitat app or as said pushover (both available in the appstore and playstore) You then load the Notifications app (though for that Hubitat Safety Monitor might be more ideal). Then simply set if water detected notify this device... You can see by my example below that if a water sensor in HSM is triggered, it turns off my water to the house and then notifies both mine and my wife's phone of what sensor was triggered (%device%) and what time (%time%)


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SharpTools works great for SMS and email. Gives up the local processing and cost 30/year but absolutely just works. I've been using it going into my 3rd year and love it.

Very powerful rule maker and dashboard capabilities an added bonus.


ok, I set to HSM app and it gave me the notification in logs. Now I need to send it as SMS - right? Cdikland mentioned pushover and I can install it on my iPhone. What should I do in HE to push the notification to iphone?

The easiest way is to simply use the free Hubitat Mobile app. It is available for iOS and Android, and supports push notifications. Once you connect the mobile phone app to your Hubitat hub, a new Device will be created on your hub for your phone. This device can be used to send push notifications from the hub to your phone. Simply select this device in any Hubitat Hub app, like HSM, to send notifications.


Thank you ogiewon. I was wondering if it is this simple, and it is.


Wow, learn something new everyday. Just tried it, works like a charm..

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